At Braunston Print… we’re part of the production line!

In these trying times, one of the things we’ve learned is that many of our customers have aspects to their business that we never knew about until everything turned upside down. And, in truth, our business is the same. So we thought we’d do a bit of a ‘Did you know…?’ and perhaps you can share yours with us on social media too! Let’s all spread the word together. So here you go…

Did you know that we print product components and packaging?

Bet you didn’t; bet you just think of business cards and stationery when you think of printing. But that is so not the case at Braunston Print. Thus let us introduce you to a corner of the world we inhabit from time to time… It’s a fun one!

Box Wraps

Also known as packaging – yes, we know we call it box wraps, but it is a certain type of packaging as you can see from the picture. Ever thought of how those fancy branded boxes get that way? People like us print ‘em. With online trading becoming more and more important for businesses, ensuring their products are packaged in nicely branded boxes etc. can help a small business look more than just an Amazon fly-by-night. Well-designed, quality printing makes a difference… first impressions matter.

These guy make tiny, rugged ethernet switches for drones, robots and next generation industrial devices , check out their website


The obvious use for stickers is for packaging and branding, but we have customers who need stickers for all sorts of things: health & safety warnings; ingredients; sizing and product options; instructions. You name it, we can print it onto a sticker.

These beautiful wax melts are made by a local company, check out their facebook page Mumma C’s Melts

Foiled Cards

Think small pieces of jewellery, charms, that sort of thing… the card that they are attached to for display still needs to be printed and produced by someone. And that’s one of the things we do. We can help start-ups get going with a few at a time, and we can supply 1000s to successful businesses selling to the likes of John Lewis and co.

Laser Cut Card

What we’re talking about here are shaped cards used to display small items, or indeed fully fledged greetings cards. We can print, crease, and laser cut card to your shape and design. Have a look at Maddy Sargent Studio ( to see what we mean. We can help you keep your business point of sale and displays unique, on brand, and eye catching.

Take a look at Maddy’s amazing selection on Instagram @maddysargentstudio

We’re hoping that was a bit of an eyeopener. And now we’ve shown you ours… what bits of your business do people not hear about very often? Go on… share the good news with us!