Business cards are still a great asset… and here’s why!

We live in a digital world, there’s no two ways about it, but that doesn’t mean everything used to market a business in the past has died a death. No Siree! And one very important long-standing stalwart that really has stood the test of time and still has impact… is the trusty business card.

Here are five VERY GOOD reasons why your business card is still one of your greatest assets!

A good business card can help a start-up stand out

If you’re starting up, it’s imperative you show you mean business and are not just dipping your toe in the water. First impressions count, and a good quality, well-designed business card can influence how you come across. Your business card can sum up your professionalism, credibility, substance, and worth in a split second.

People store business cards

Even a pile of business cards collected at a networking event tend to be popped in a drawer rather than thrown away immediately. So you’re still ‘there’ a couple of months later if they need to contact you. Virtual cards tend to get lost in the melee of other virtual cards, and you disappear in a database. A real business card, however, leaves an impression on both the fingers and the mind. And let’s face it, there’s no reason why you can’t have a digital card too… ;-).

Loyalty and Business CardsA business card is a pocket-sized post-communicator

What do we mean by that? We mean that once in someone’s pocket, or drawer, your business card becomes the perfect memory jogger for what you do. Without being cluttered with information, your business card can clearly remind the reader what you specialise in, why you’re so great, and how to contact you. Nifty eh? For something that’s the size of a credit card.

It’s a little place for someone to make a note

If you’ve been speaking to someone who you think could really benefit from your services, then writing a little note about their query on your card and then handing it to them can be a deal winner. It enables you to add an extra personal touch that will act as a superb re-engager on a subliminal level when they look at it again. If they’ve collected a pile of cards from attendees at a meeting, and yours has a personalised message that connects with the business need they have… it is far less likely to end up in their drawer with all the others.

People can take two and pass one on

In the networking arena, it’s not just who you meet that makes a difference but who they know. If you have a business need and someone you’re talking to at a networking event has a recommendation for you… for them to be able to then just pass you the business card of their contact is so useful. And guess what? If avid networkers have your business cards in their pocket, they could be doing the same. Pure gold!

So, if you’re starting up, or gearing up to do more networking, why not give us a ring and sort out a new stash of business cards now? The sooner you can get handing them out, the better!