Cheering the local business network; Daventry rocks!

Back in July we celebrated our first anniversary in our new premises. Braunston Print has been going a lot longer than that, of course, but we moved to the Daventry area just last year and haven’t looked back!

It’s a great place to do business; packed with lots of friendly, enthusiastic business owners appreciating our equally friendly and enthusiastic – and we’ll add ‘quirky’- ways. So although we ran the business in a much larger town originally, we’re finding the connected support that businesses in Daventry give each other matches our ethos perfectly.

Business networking with a difference

Business Network

The thing is, during circumstances like world pandemics where everything has turned upside down and people don’t know if they’re coming or going, being a small business with a local face makes a difference. It makes a difference to its staff, the community, local morale, and of course its customers. When no one is allowed to meet face to face, having local connections helps business owners still feel part of a team; they’re not alone.

And that’s exactly the experience we’ve had here in Daventry. During the full lockdown, we were able to keep working, providing printing support to other businesses still open, and offering moral support to those who had to shut. Hey, we even discovered new customers as their printing needs suddenly took on a local feel.

Take a few of the local pubs, for example… The takeaway meals they were producing kept everyone smiling and topped up, and our free black and white flyers helped them to advertise their new offering and spread the word. The pub was able to keep trading. The locals had the opportunity to enjoy some delicious food they hadn’t cooked themselves. And we enjoyed taking an active role in boosting the Daventry mood. What’s not to love, eh?

But with circumstances still as uncertain out there as they are, the great thing about the Daventry business network is that we all know we’re in this together. Just as the local pubs had to swiftly turn into takeaway machines, we’ve had to adapt our products to meet new client needs, and our business needs have shifted as well. But with those changes, we know that our local suppliers will do what they can to help us, and we’ll do what we can to help them too.

So we’d like to say a HUGE THANK YOU!

Shop Open

… Because we wouldn’t be so daft as to suggest that this whole Covid palaver has been a good thing, but we would dare to suggest that some good things are coming out of it. Not only have all you Daventry small businesses made us feel welcome, but we’re already feeling part of the pack and we’re looking forward to working with you for the long haul. So come on… we can do this; let’s get through this crisis together!