Do branded promotional products work?

You remember snail mail promotions. You’ve heard about digital marketing. And we reckon there’s a good chance you’ve vaguely thought about promotional products too… but then discounted the idea.  They’re something for the Big Boys, you think. They’ll cost a fortune. And then you go and spend a few hundred pounds on a magazine advertorial that may get read once and forgotten.

Take heart… it doesn’t have to be that way.

How promotional products could work for your small business too!

Let’s face it, when you hand someone a branded promotional product, you’re giving them something that will potentially remind them of you again and again. If you make it something they’ll keep on their desk, or use several times, then that one-off cost of production coupled with a few seconds of your time handing it out could be working on your behalf for the next few months, if not longer!

If you then also make it unique and totally on-message for your business, that person could stay engaged with your brand for years. Sound good? Read on.

A few more benefits to consider…

Branded promotional products don’t actually cost that much

When one buys in bulk (i.e. more than just a handful, we’re not talking thousands necessarily here), the cost of production is actually very reasonable per unit. Given the long shelf life we’ve already outlined in our intro above, you start to get a feel for just how low the cost per exposure to your brand actually is.

They significantly enhance brand recognition and engagement

Assuming you choose the right product, with the right level of quality for your market, a potential customer taking one home will remain connected to your brand each time they look or handle it in the future. By embedding their familiarity with the quality of your brand over time, you start to engender a lot of trust in it too. So when it comes to a purchasing decision, you’ll well ahead of your competition.

They help to build customer loyalty

Givers gain, as they say. You give someone something for free that’s useful to them, they will remember you positively. You see, you have to remember that audiences are very fickle these days, so anything that helps to enhance their belief that you can satisfy their buying needs will have them seeking your product out when a buying decision is on the horizon.

Extended exposure

And of course, whenever your branded promotional products are kept on a desk, a coffee table, or used as someone works, others will see your brand too. The ubiquitous mug is more than just a coffee cup…

It’s like a business card… but better

Plus, one mustn’t forget, it needn’t just be your logo that they see. There are your contact details, your web address, your strapline, even QR codes etc. There can be a lot to remind them that it’s easy to get hold of you when they want to… And unlike a business card, they don’t have to think to have a look at it, it’s just there. Every day. Being useful and seen.

So there you go, branded promotional items are definitely NOT just for the big boys! And if you’d like to find out more about what’s available, please do give us a ring. We’ve got everything from mugs to mouse mats, and a lot more besides!