Fonts – Less is more… really!

One of the biggest challenges we have as printers is helping clients to understand how to use fonts. The problem is, with so many fonts available, it’s easy to pick the wrong one or, even worse, go overboard. So we thought we’d give you a heads up on what to look out for when you’re choosing fonts for your business.

5 Rules to follow

  1. Rule of 2 – Aim to limit your designs to no more than two fonts. This will keep your design cleaner and clearer to read. Plus, it will ensure it looks professional.
  2. Your font should reflect your brand – Do a little research online and track down what fonts are considered best for your market. To quote an obvious example, don’t use Comic Sans for your corporate brochure; though we’d suggest don’t use Comic Sans, ever… but that’s personal opinion speaking here. By all means use a fun font in your images and designs if that’s right for your audience, but we would still recommend that you use a font that’s clear and easy to read for the paragraphs of text.
  3. Pick the font for the piece – What we mean here is, for example, legal documentation or an industry whitepaper will require a formal authoritative font, whereas a child’s nursery or care leaflet will warrant something softer. This sounds a bit touchy-feely, but you’ll be surprised how much emotional engagement there is to fonts, even when people don’t realise it’s happening, so it pays to think carefully.
  4. Make sure it’s legible – Show your design to someone else and check they can read what’s written easily. The challenge here is, you know your business and your message inside out, so your brain naturally reads your words in any font. However, new customers will not be so well acquainted with your brand, so a beautifully designed but illegible call-to-action will be lost on them.
  5. Take extra care with your logo – Most logos contain a bit of text, and the thing to remember is that your logo will be used in multiple ways. E.g.

– Stationery
– Social media posts
– Emails
– Brochures
– Pop-up Banners
– Leaflets
– Adverts
– Online marketing
– Clothing

It’s important to choose a font that can resize well, display clearly in low screen resolutions, and work with other media too. So anything too swirly and detailed may look great on a 6ft banner, but be unreadable on LinkedIn; a fancy font may look stunning on headed paper, but not embroider well on clothing; or a very ‘square’ font may look fantastic on your business cards but could be too dominating when blown up on a sign.

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when you’re picking fonts for your business. They can have a real impact on your image and the messages you’re trying to convey to your audience. And don’t forget, fonts become very much a part of your brand and continuity too… so it pays to choose wisely now, so you can reap the rewards over time.