Give us a cheer, it’s been a whole year!

It’s been hard for us in so many ways, this lockdown lark. Putting the obvious business reasons aside, those of you who know us well know we love to chat with customers over a cuppa and some cake; and we’ve not even able to do that amongst ourselves! But times are a-changing, and Chris’s solitude is being broken…

Which brings us to a great piece of news. Guess what? We’ve been in Woodford Halse for a year now. Can you believe it? No, we can’t either.

It’s our first ‘new-premises’ anniversary 8th July!

How quickly the time has flown, eh?! And boy-oh-boy, have we appreciated having a bigger place. Because of the move last year, we’ve been able to boast a fantastic mix of equipment that’s enabled us to offer even more services than we did before, and ensure we get a printing job just right each time. Machines like; 3 large format printers, a wide format solvent print and cut machine, 2 laser cutters, embroidery machines, screen printing equipment, a large format laminator, and more. From business stationery, to corporate gifts, to clothing, and signage, we can offer it all. And yes, we’ve been busy. We’ve met some fabulous new businesses. And Chris has become more inventive than ever.

Inside Braunston Print

So, with that said, we are really keen to celebrate in some way, at some point, and will plan an open-day when we’re allowed. But until that moment, we’d like to simply say a…

Huge THANK YOU for your support!

Coffee and Cake

Many of our existing clients have continued to work with us, despite the change of location; and the businesses we partner with have too. This has meant we’ve continued to be able to offer an outstanding printing service, with the additional bonus of extra expertise to hand. And those of you who already use us, know we do this with big smiles on our faces and useful tips rattling off our tongues.

So… with THAT said as well, we’re hoping cakes and coffees will only need to wait a little longer and then we’ll be able to have a bit of a “come and say hi over a cuppa” day. Sound good? Watch this space!

But in the meantime, if you need to pick our brains please do, just give us a ring on 01604 62 62 65, we’ll be delighted to help.

Think Braunston Print for brilliant service and BIG smiles, hopefully soon with a cuppa in hand too!

The Braunston Team