Great print ideas for marketing your business in the New Year!

It’s the New Year and it’s only natural that you are thinking about what you want your business to be working on this year. So… bearing in mind at Braunston Print we’re often a small cog in many a newly implemented marketing strategy planned during this time, we thought we’d remind you of some great ways print can boost your marketing in the year to come.

Business cards – First impressions count

If you’re a new start business, or still trying to get going, it’s very possible that you went online to get your first batch of business cards. And we won’t knock that one bit! Anything that helps a new business get going is a good thing. However, if you’ve now started to enjoy a little kudos in your market, it’s probably time to up your game in the business card stakes.

Working with a friendly digital printing company like Braunston Print enables you to get advice on what will work best, as well as enjoy superb quality printing too. And when you realise that often it is your business card that provides the right impression of your brand every time someone touches it… you’ll start to want to ensure that happens again and again. This means picking the right thickness of card, the right finish for your offering, the right fonts and printing style to suit your business, and the right information, of course. Friendly, approachable printers will be more than happy to help you with all of those aspects to ensure you get the right result!

Brochures and/or flyers – Are they old hat?

The thing is, people still like to hold things… despite this being a digital age. And if you design a superb brochure or flyer that’s then printed on a high quality of paper that truly reflects your brand, you will give people a good impression of your business long after the moment you handed it to them. Yes, the information contained on each sheet may well be online… but a physical ‘thing’ can involve the senses in a way a website simply can’t.

Banners – They can still catch the eye

When you attend a networking meeting next year, a well-designed stand up banner will make your business more visible. If you have a special event coming up, an eye-catching stand up banner in your reception will get visitors’ attention.  For very little cost, you can instantly present people with a visual cue of what you do.

Can print help promote your business in any other way?

You betcha! Stickers, posters, postcards, beermats… there are all sorts of ways printed marketing material can reach the bits that other marketing can’t. So! If you’re going to be thinking new marketing strategies this January, with the intention of hitting the ground running this year… PLEASE GIVE US A RING! We’re bursting with ideas and enthusiasm, and we can definitely add a useful touch of madness where it matters!