Laser Cutting

We are always trying to broaden our services and skills, and what better way to do that than with lasers!

We use our two CO2 lasers to cut intricate shapes into business cards, flyers, greeting cards, packaging and other printed paper and card material. They are great for short run projects or testing our new ideas.

But it doesn’t stop there! We also use the laser cutters to produce awards, plaques, keyrings, medals and short run promotional items. Choose from acrylic, wood and printed & blank sheet plastics.

When we aren’t producing these products we offer a cutting service for model makers, prototyping, sign makers and anyone else who wants sheet materials cut quickly, accurately and with fine detail.

Technical Info:
Max sheet size A0 (1189x841mm)
Maximum Thickness – Acrylic 10mm, MDF 10mm, Ply 6mm (thinner sheets cut much better however)
Cut Compatible Materials – Acrylic, MDF, Card, Paper, Leather, HIPS, HDPE, Ply Wood, Real Wood, Fabric.
Engrave Compatible Materials – All of the above plus, Slate, Glass, Anodised Aluminium, Painted metals, Brick, Stone.
These lists are not exhaustive so get in touch and we will see if our machines are compatible

Got a project or want to test out an idea? Get in touch to chat through how we can help.

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