Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Janet Braunston – Director

Janet Braunston

Janet is one of the founders of Braunston Print and we have her firm hand on the tiller to thank for the success of the business. Her friendly but extremely professional approach has moulded the ethos and values upon which we operate, day in day out, and it is certainly the reason why we have built such a strong reputation for outstanding customer service.

Janet’s main role is to drive the business forward and she takes responsibility for sales and marketing. Put simply, she is the face of Braunston Print, and it’s likely you’ll have met her if you’re an enthusiastic networker. However, behind the scenes, she manages the financial side of the business too. She knows what’s going on, inside and out.

When she’s not working, her time is filled with finishing the build of her house, venturing out for refreshing walks, and dabbling with her new found love of mandala painting. The family team at Braunston Print are an energetic and creative bunch… you can see where they get it from.

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Chris Braunston – Director/Production Manager

Chris is a director of the company and the driving force behind the innovative creations for which Braunston Print has become so well known. His technical expertise and experience enables the business to operate at the forefront of the digital printing world; nothing makes him happier than a new creative challenge.

On a day to day basis, Chris is in charge of the production side of the business, including the printing itself, finishing, and machine maintenance. He’s regularly investigating new products and processes and, in truth, lives and breathes pushing the potential of all the cutting edge technology we invest in; if something can be improved, he’ll find a way.

Outside of work, Chris still loves to make things, and when he’s not dabbling with new ideas for the business, he’s tinkering with motorbike parts and helping Janet finish her house. He’s also a keen motorbike trials rider, though, and is looking forward to heading out with his eldest son in the near future.

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Kath Braunston – Design Manager

Kath oversees the design side of the business, and is THE person to speak to when you want help with artwork, print files, and images. It’s Kath’s keen eye that will spot disasters before they go to print, and many a customer has been grateful for her input at the last minute.

On a day to day basis, Kath prepares projects before they head to production, sends out proofs, and guides customers on the best approach for their stationery, signage, and marketing material. If you’re struggling to work out how to set something out, Kath is the person to speak to. She’ll give you the pros and cons of different approaches, and help you choose the best solution to meet your printing needs.

Outside of work, Kath continues to feed her creative interests and runs her own side-line business; Holly Farm Crafts. With her HFC hat on, Kath harnesses her passion for the countryside by painting stunning pictures of wildlife, flora and fauna, and then printing these onto items such as mugs and tote bags to turn them into sought-after gifts

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Jen Braunston – Office Manager/Production Assistant

Jen is in charge of ensuring that the office runs smoothly and projects are kept on track. Her determination keeps control of the creative flair bubbling in the business and guarantees every job meets its deadline. Jen achieves this partly through also being our production assistant, which means she has a deep understanding of how a project needs to run, from the start through to the finish.

On a day to day basis, Jen covers the phones and emails and organises the production schedule. Plus she will also spend time in production, helping where needed, and finishing each print run once its done. She’ll then process the jobs out of production, sort the paperwork, arrange shipping, and give customers the good news that their orders are on their way.

In her free time, Jen pours her energy into her two young boys, playing a computer game or two with them whilst planning her next trip abroad; she loves travelling. In her quieter moments, she’ll also find time to funnel her creative side and paint on canvass.

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We are proud to be a family run business. Find out how this makes us different and what it means for you in our blog “Family run business – Good for the family; Great for customers!”

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