Pep up your print in 2022!

With the new norm kicking in big time now, and the threat of new Covid variants constantly on the horizon, is it the right moment to give your brand a bit of a pick-me-up? Change your habits, upgrade your literature, and review your marketing approach?

In the last couple of months, we’ve noticed that some of our customers are planning a refreshing revamp for next year; to enable them to hit the ground running in January. So we thought we’d share a few ideas to inspire anyone else sensing that kind of vibe.

Give ‘digital’ a bit of a rest

During those months of lockdowns, ‘digital’ was king. Emails and online comms were the only way to keep in touch with your audience. All very logical, but let’s face it… folk were inundated. With that in mind, therefore, now really is the time to shake things up with leaflets and stuff. Give people something they can hold and keep. Something to stick on the fridge door or kitchen board. Items they can feel and remember you by.

Switch to a “lumpy mail” campaign

We’re pretty sure that’s not the technical term for chunky marketing material, but you get the picture. The postman doesn’t bring much of interest these days, does it? So it’s always intriguing when something chunkier than a letter falls onto the doormat. People can’t help but bend over to pick it up, feel it, and open it. Give them a moment of delight that they’ll link to your brand… you’ll make a new friend in the process.

Take your paper stock up a notch

Make 2022 the year you raised your game. Different papers and finishes can add value to your brand. How something feels sets a strong first impression. Textured paper, spot varnishes, and embossing are just a few examples. Done well, your brand will ooze quality and professionalism.

Get stickertastic

Have a bit of fun and design up some uses for stickers. Prices, instructions, special offers, top tips. All these can catch the eye with a cleverly placed sticker on your existing brochures.

Let your imagination run wild

Nowadays, there’s no need to have to stick to the run-of-the-mill A4 or A5 piece of print. With our laser cutting, thermal printing, digital printing wonder-machines, we can bring your ideas to life. Play around with shapes, colours, finishes, and textures. Give your audience something they can hold; it’s going to be so much more memorable than a flat screen.

Here’s a trio of example projects to show you what we’re talking about and get you thinking:

  • Folded square price lists
  • Traditional scroll style documents
  • Newspaper layout newsletters

All a bit of fun, eh? So if you like the sound of shaking things up a bit for the start of 2022, give us a ring. We’re never short of ideas and we really love a challenge too!