Prepping to get print-ready…

Back to work

Businesses are pressing the button to get going again. Yay! And yes, we confess, that is leading to a big increase in work coming through to us now, so we’re not complaining. And we are delighted for everyone else too, the buzz is great.

But, with that said, it also means that many businesses are rushing to get some marketing material on the go. So we thought it might be useful to give everyone some tips on how to get their files and documents print-ready so they can move quickly. Sound good? Read on!

What does ‘print-ready’ artwork actually look like?

Well, in our world it looks like this:

  • Files ideally provided in PDF format – This ensures that what we see on our system is the same as what you see on yours, particularly if it’s been designed in Word or Publisher.
  • If PDF is not possible, though, .JPG files and .EPS files will print well too.
  • The design has a 3mm bleed, 5mm gutter, and crop marks – There is a risk of chopping off edges during the cutting process otherwise.
  • Imagery and graphics are provided at 300dpi – This will ensure they look crisp and clean when printed.
Press Ready Artwork

For some processes other file formats may be required, however, so if you’re unsure it’s best to give us a quick ring to check. A good example would be designs for printed garments or vinyl stickers. If you’re preparing designs for business cards or flyers the standard formats suggested above will work just fine.

What happens next?

When we receive your artwork, we will cast our eye over the files to check for things that might cause a problem and result in poor print quality. For example: the resolution of images, the font size, the bleed measurements, and the gutter settings.

Any artwork that requires tweaks from us will be proofed back to you, though, for your final nod. This might even be as ‘small’ a thing as converting a Word document into a PDF… We just want to make sure that what we’re printing will come out exactly as you’re expecting.

Can we help you do some of this?

Yes, of course we can. We know that what we’ve described above will be double Dutch to some people, and getting it right matters. So we regularly help clients with some of the preparation to ensure the final printed product is right. And, we’ll admit – on the quiet! – a lot of it we’ll happily do free of charge. The sorts of things we’re talking about are:

Design Templates
  • Resizing a document to make it bigger or smaller, e.g. going from A4 to A5.
  • Adding borders to artwork without a bleed to avoid anything being chopped off!
  • Storing your artwork for future re-prints and enabling small tweaks e.g. contact details on business cards.
  • A pre-print check offering suggestions and advice on how to make your design print-perfect.
  • Free templates, e.g. letterheads or business cards. Also available to download from our website here.

Though of course we’re also always at the end of the phone if you need help and advice. So please do feel able to just give us a call.

Oh… and as just one final point, it’s probably worth mentioning that we do offer a full design service as well, but we thought we’d make that the subject of another blog in the future.  

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