Printing isn’t just for Christmas!

Planning for 2021

Hey… we’re not ones for wishing time away, but waving goodbye to 2020 is something to look forward to, isn’t it?! Plus, we’ve got Christmas to enjoy… and then the new year.

The thing is, though, successful businesses don’t just celebrate, they plan ahead. And despite the amount of uncertainty that still abounds, thinking through what your printing requirements are going to be for 2021 is a good idea. Because if you want to hit the ground running as soon as January arrives, a bit of planning now is what you need to do.

Braunston Print’s top tips for planning your printing for 2021

Suss out your budget

These last few months have hit businesses hard in many ways, but allocating budget to print and marketing will help you climb out of the big hole that Covid-19 has dug. How so? Well, regardless of whether your financial year starts soon, or another time, this coming January is going to have a different feel for every business. We’ve already mentioned the ‘C’ word (aka pandemic), but Brexit is looming too. Planning your costs for print now will help you stay focused as the next white knuckle ride begins.

Construct a framework

What we mean here is commit to a certain set of actions over the next few months. For example, decide to send a poster campaign out once a month; change your menu every 4 weeks; design a new leaflet every quarter. Accept you may not yet know what the content is going to be, because let’s face it things have changed direction several times recently, but at least commit to the framework. It will help keep you focused on future marketing when things are busy, and will give you purpose when things are tough.

Choose your business print partners

Obviously one important thing to establish is who is going to do your actual printing, because enjoying a good working relationship really oils the wheels of production when you’re extra busy! But a great printer isn’t your only supplier. You’re possibly also going to need a designer, a copywriter, and a photographer. So pick who you’d like to work with and chat through what you’re going to need and get their agreement. For example, check with the designer what type of content and images they recommend you have, and speak to your printer to find out about your paper and finish options. Start the dialogue now. With those ‘ducks in a row’ you will all be able to support each other as the new year begins.

Find out what your suppliers will need from you

And to make sure things pull together smoothly, not only do you need the right help to hand but you also need to know what’s required from you. What lead times does your printer need? What file formats can they work with? What input does your copywriter need? How much notice does each supplier like to work with?

When you have these aspects planned in advance, it makes it much easier to be agile with your thinking for each project; you know the boundaries within which you’re working. And THAT will all help to make set 2021 up in the right way from the start.

So, once you’ve had a think about these things, if you’d like to have a chat with us to find out how we can help you fulfil your printing plans for next year please do give us a ring!