Putting some zing into your print

Have you ever thought of using foil in any of your printed collateral? People think it’s expensive, but cost is a relative term when it comes to who will be holding your marketing materials in their hands.

If you want your brochures, business cards, or documents to look and feel a bit special… foil printing is most definitely worth considering. It brings a touch of style, sophistication, and a premium look to printed pieces that might otherwise be lost in the mêlée.

What is foil printing?

In simple terms, it’s a printing process that involves heat, pressure, and metallic foil. The outcome? Key focus points in a design can be lifted to create a truly eye-catching result. And don’t think you’re limited to the traditional gold and silver. Foils come in a wide array of colours including holographic and pearlescent finishes.

How can foil printing make a difference?

There are times when you need your printed material to stand out, and when this is the case, foil printing can help you leap out from the crowd. If you think it’s going to be pricey (and it’s not nearly as crazy as you may think!), then your customers will be thinking that too. Its lavish look and feel can put you a cut above the rest, and more importantly, continue to do so every time they handle your brochure or business card. It will keep working hard on your behalf long after you’ve popped it onto their hand.

It has a prestigious look and feel

If you’re seeking to make an impression in the luxury end of the market, your collateral needs to represent your business accordingly. Well-designed marketing material that utilises foil printing to raise the sense of excellence reflected by the brand, will have a prestigious feel to it. It oozes superior quality and attention to detail, and brings a striking sense of opulence to what would otherwise just be another business card or brochure.

It’s surprisingly versatile

The colour ranges now available in foil present your graphic designers with a wealth of opportunities to tap into for a stunning look. We’re talking all colours of the rainbow, as well as bronze, copper, brass, etc. People may well have seen gold and silver from time to time, but pick something different and the effect can be stunning.

In addition to colour, you then also have other features you can opt for too. Varnish is a popular choice that leaves a very plush impression. And it can be used on a variety of card/paper stock too, including silk, uncoated, and gloss finishes.

Great of examples: Where foiling shines out

Here are a few ideas for where foil printing can help you lift your marketing game:

  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Invitations
  • Packaging
  • Business stationery
  • Booklets
  • Stickers
  • Leaflets
  • Art prints
  • Calendars
  • Notebooks

A final word

Foiling can make a real difference to your marketing material, and we love how innovative designs and logos can be brought to life when it’s applied well. If we’ve inspired you to have a look at your printed collateral and prompted you to wonder… challenge us. Let’s work together on creating a new and stunning brochure or business card for your business, and lift your brand above the rest.