Reviewing your business values is great for fine-tuning your brand

All this lockdown malarkey has given us a teeny weeny bit more time to think. We have still been busy, but you know how it is. So when a spare moment has cropped up, we’ve been putting some thought into getting down on paper exactly what we believe the core values of our business are. A kind of ‘checking-in’ process, you could call it. They’re not new values, to be honest, we founded the business on them many years ago, but taking the time to discuss them and then write them down has done us a lot of good. It’s reassured us that we love our business for all the right reasons.

But then we realised that’s not all there is to it…* Lightbulb moment *

Yes! We suddenly realised it’s also really helped us to fine tune the voice of our brand. Which is fantastic because it struck us just how important our branding has been to building our business.

Whatever size business… branding matters

If you think branding is basically just a logo, a good website, and a leaflet or two… you’d be wrong. All those components are important tools in your marketing toolbox, but in themselves they aren’t your brand. No. Your brand is the connection your business has with its market. It represents the business’ values, what a customer can expect when they interact with the business, and what matters to the business. If you want your offering to be thought of as professional, knowledgeable, and quality driven… it’s your brand that is the mechanism for achieving that.

Authenticity is key

Janet at Reception

Through repeated exposure, be that on social media, online, or your printed material, your potential customers get a feel for what they’re dealing with. But because of this, authenticity is key. If outstanding customer service is a key message you’d like associate with your brand… then people believing that it’s top notch has to be backed up by it really being top notch.

Consistency leads to success

How do you achieve that? Well, the key way to get that message across is to be consistent, as well as authentic. At every touch point, your market needs to feel the message behind your brand. How you answer the phone. How you look when they meet you. How you respond to any contact. How other customers speak about your brand. And… of course… how your business displays online and how your printed marketing material looks and feels.

Get your message right, and you’ll be on the way to cooking up a recipe for success. Not only will you catch the eye of your audience, but you’ll engage them too and they’ll buy when they’re ready. Not sure what we mean here? Take Apple as an example. It was a brand that clung onto a weeny market share for decades but is now one of the most successful in the world. Now, when you think of Apple, you immediately think of stylish, innovative, easy-to-use products that are worth paying more for. So if that isn’t nailing ‘branding’ we don’t know what is!

Get brainstorming!

So why not have a brainstorming session in your business? When you next come to design your brochure or leaflets it will make the whole thing so much easier. We confess, knowing what our business represents has made the world of difference to our success, and it’s made it a fulfilling and enjoyable journey too. What’s not to like?!

Core Values & Branding
These are Braunston Print’s Core Values