Shielding our keyworkers in care homes and medical centres

When a crisis is unfolding, one of the great strengths of small businesses is the ability to tap into the Dunkirk spirit. We can look around to see how our skills and services can be of use to the community. We can make decisions quickly. And we can get the team working on something new in a flash. And that’s EXACTLY what we’ve done!

Braunston Print, working in partnership to produce face shields

Laser Cut Face Shield

Yup… it’s amazing how quickly ideas can merge, eh? This is how it’s come together.

The “Team”

Braunston Print Well, you already know who we are. Friendly, family-run printing business in Woodford Halse, Daventry, Northamptonshire. We’re laser cutting the headbands with adjustable togs, and we’re packaging them up with flat visors, and shipping them out.

The XLC – Sister company to Braunston Print with the laser cutting expertise. Chris, the key member involved, is laser cutting the headbands with adjustable togs. Our geek working on the peak, so to speak!

Grunwald A company that specialises in pot filling and sealing machinery. These fabulous guys are funding the materials i.e. the plastic for the visors and headbands.

Smoke & Mirrors Are the wonderfully reliable and helpful suppliers of the laser cutters and parts, and they’re also the originators of the design.

Kitronik Are fab educational electronic kit suppliers who have also lent a hand in the process with parts too.

PPMAAre kinda the voice of the processing and packaging industry, and they are shouting out about our efforts and encouraging other suppliers to join in.

Make UK Support British manufacturing and are lending their weight to the message too!

That’s a pretty groovy team, eh? It means we’ve got all angles covered. From great ideas, solid designs, practical materials, sheer grunt for manufacture, heaps of motivation… and a loud voice to shout out as well. Perfect.

Who are getting our shields?

That’s the great bit! For those organisations who haven’t got the punch of the frontline NHS, things are tough; it’s hard to get hold of PPE supplies. So our shields are helping to kit out care homes, medical centres, and community care workers. We’ve already produced our first batch of 2000 items, and we’re sending 100 to Campion School, who are putting PPE packs together for the NHS.

As we say on our website, at Braunston Print we are constantly adapting our processes and looking to expand our capabilities and products. Looks like we’ve managed to add a new thing to our offering! Helping others, having fun, and keeping busy.

Face Shields being laser cut

#WeAreInThisTogether #StaySafe