Signage for Covid-secure working…

Yay! Things are ‘opening up’ again. Great news for all businesses, of course, but it does mean that most of us now need to make a few adjustments.

Social distancing is key for Covid-secure premises

COVID secure Signage

Many business owners will already be taking advice on what they need to do to ensure their site is Covid-secure to make it safe for their staff, so that everyone can get working again. And we’re discovering that one critical aspect for achieving this is appropriate signage.

Old habits die hard, and people will need reminding that they can’t operate in the way they used to at the moment. They’re going to need to keep out of each other’s way, clean surfaces, and wash their hands more frequently. With that in mind, therefore, some businesses may opt to put in place one-way walking systems, put up reminders regarding using the bathrooms, or seek to prevent sharing certain equipment, for example. Yes, we’re all going to have to think very hard about what we do naturally.

But this is where some useful prompts will come in handy. Well designed, clearly printed, signage will make a huge difference here. And we’re seeing a massive rush on this. Many customers are already mentioning that they’re experiencing significant delays in getting their signage elsewhere, so we thought we’d remind you that signage is something we offer too!

Braunston Print signage service

We can provide bespoke designs and printing to suit your needs. If you’d like your logo on there, no problem. If you have specific instructions to highlight, no problem. We can offer you pretty much whatever you need including:

COVID Secure Signage
Vinyl Floor Graphic
  • Vinyl stickers for walls
  • Paper posters for notice boards
  • Vinyl floor graphics
  • Distance markers
  • Hi-Vis waistcoats with distance reminders
  • Social distancing prompts

To name but a few ideas…

We have some stuff already in stock, off the shelf – we’ve never seen so much yellow and black hatching before in our lives! But we can also easily produce something tailored specifically to your Covid-secure needs.

Ideal signage for all types of work location including:

  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Takeaways
  • Warehouses
  • Reception areas
  • Outdoor facilities
  • Car parks

So… do you need Covid-secure signage quickly? Are you keen to get back up and running as soon as you can? Please do give us a ring. We can help you decide what materials you need to use, how to design your messages, what colour schemes to work with, and what size each design needs to be. And then of course we can print them.

COVID secure Signage
Branded COVID Secure Signage

You name it, we can print it.