Staff Focus on Chris – The Beardy One

In a blog we published towards the end of last year, we introduced you to the mad team at Braunston Print, and promised that we’d reveal a bit more about each of us in due course.

Well, we’ve decided to pick on Chris first because we don’t let him out very often. And so without further ado…

Please, let us introduce you to Chris Braunston (Round of applause)

Chris is basically a creative man on a mission. His formal title is Director, but the reality is he’s our barmy, inventive, beardy, geek. Bearing in mind Braunston Print is very much a family business, you could also say he’s a son, brother, and husband too, though, so as you can imagine that makes for an interesting mix sometimes, ha ha.

The trials and tribulations of being a Chris… day-to-day

On a day-to-day basis, Chris is officially in charge of production and finishing, plus the maintenance of the machines. But, on an unofficial basis, he’s also our problem solver. He is never happier than when he’s pondering a problem; he’ll even make one up if you haven’t got any spare. So we’ll often find him creating new products and processes just because he can. It’s true that some of his ‘inventions’ have never seen the light of day outside the workshop, but we have allowed a few to escape over the years. Even the lasered digestive biscuits found a home.

Chris’s idea of a bit of R & R

When we haven’t got Chris chained to a machine, he’s still obsessed with making things. Seriously…anything. From tabletop miniatures to motorbikes. He even built himself a shed out of pallets; it was just one of those weekends. But when he’s not tinkering on some new invention, or stripping down a bike (yes, if you ever visit the workshop you’ll very likely see bits of bike waiting to be sprayed or fixed), he’ll be out on his motorbike challenging a bunch of other nutters who enjoy trial riding too.

We’ve mentioned already that he’s a son, brother, and husband. What we haven’t alluded to yet, though, is that he’s also a dad. And family time is very important to him. Obviously that has it’s pros and its cons for his two boys and Jen (his wife)… because he is pretty bonkers. And when we asked Jen about nicknames, we quickly all agreed that some weren’t printable. But we reckon Chris’s idea of a perfect day is to be out on the motorbike with his kids in the morning, a bit of tinkering in the afternoon, and a home cooked family meal in the evening.

Chris’s Top Three Bucket List Ambitions

  1. Do a bike trial with his eldest son. The youngster got his first bike recently, but due to lockdown Chris hasn’t been able to ride at a trial with him yet. Guess what they’ll be doing as soon as restrictions lift?!
  2. Climb Ben Nevis… with his feet, not a bike
  3. Finish building Janet’s house… and no, it’s not being made out of pallets

Chris’s Top Tip

Always ask for advice. There is often more than one way to produce what a client is after and we may be able to offer a more effective solution. And as you’ll have spotted, Chris will be the first to find a better way to do something!

If you’d like to set Chris working on a challenging project, then please just give us a ring. We’d all be delighted to help, in truth, but he’s never happier than when he’s working on something a bit different!