Staff Focus on Millie – Our Mascot

Our blog series on the staff at Braunston Print wouldn’t be complete without a focus piece on our mascot – Millie. She’s definitely a member of the team.

So, today, please give a big dog whistle for Millie…
(It’s the best way to get her attention!)

Millie has been commuting to the office with Kath for three years now. She’s a rescue staffie – though there could be some whippet in there too; she’s quite nippy on those four paws. We’ve come to the conclusion that she’d had a tough life before meeting Kath, for she clearly had not been out for walks or been introduced to anything as wild as a sheep or a tractor. In truth, she’s even been known to be spooked by the odd threatening hay bale from time to time.

However, with that said, Millie is incredibly friendly. She loves people. She loves fuss. And she loves carrots. Yes, you read that correctly.

What Millie doesn’t like is getting her paws wet or going out in the rain. But then who does, eh?

The trials and tribulations of being a Millie… day-to-day

Millie has carved out her niche as our meet and greet specialist; she has a real soft spot for the regular delivery guys! Obviously, in our minds, originally we’d had visions of her fulfilling the role of guard dog. But she’s adamantly failed in every aspect on that account and invites everyone in instead.

On a day-to-day basis, having enhanced various talents during lockdown, she works on her sleeping and sunbathing skills for her morning shift. She then adapts to become our Lunch Supervisor at about twelve thirty, and monitors the office for spillages and unwanted leftovers.

In general, throughout the day, another feature of her job spec is time management. When meetings drag on for too long, she will bring this to our attention. Her favourite method is to try to climb on to Chris’s lap; he’s getting used to having an extra 19kg weighing him down. But her overall duty is to accompany Kath everywhere, just in case she needs an assistant. And this means Kath can’t move without her shadow… ever.

Millie’s idea of a bit of R & R

When Millie isn’t focusing on her printing career, she’s perfecting a wide array of skills. She’s nailed sleeping; a gold star has already been awarded for that. She’s informed us that eating treats will forever remain a work in progress. And enjoying long walks has become a regular feature of her itinerary, with the latest spin off being excursions to Braunston Secure Walking Field; she’s fast becoming an expert off the lead there.

When Millie isn’t actively pursing a timetable of eating, sleeping, and walking, though, she can be found socialising with her best non-human friend; her squeaky toy. And yes, our delight that she has learned how to play and have fun has dwindled fairly quickly. But we manage our frustration because her absolutely top-trumps thing to do is be near her favourite humans.

Millie’s Top Three Bucket List Ambitions

  1. Work on her sleeping style to maximise time spent sleeping every day.
  2. Improve her talent for earning more treats without the humans realising her plan.
  3. To meet more people; hence why she’s so good at her meet and greet job.

Millie’s Top Tip

Millie’s top tip involves getting the most out of your visit to Braunston Print. She’s thought long and hard about this because she believes there’s nothing like a little in-person contact. To achieve the optimum in this regard, therefore, she recommends you bring treats, wet wipes if you’re a dog-strokey kind of person (the odd lick of your hand is possible), and an acceptance that she won’t move out of the way when you want to leave. But don’t worry, we’ll make sure you get to enjoy a nice cuppa during your visit!