Still here, still care!

Plan. Prepare… Print and pay when you’re ready!

As you probably know, we’re a family run print business that’s been operating and expanding for a fair few years now. How have we done so well? We’ve asked ourselves that a few times, and we’ve realised it’s because we really do care about our customers. So much so, in fact, we reckon we’ve built our reputation on going the extra mile and thus our customers come back to us again and again. However, during these current tumultuous times, our focus is on customer care more than ever. What does that mean now?

It means we are still here for you!

And yes, we are still working… though operating with the safety of the team utmost in mind. The upshot of that is that most of us are carrying on from our homes, and Chris is in his element manning the workshop on his own. For him, there are some silver linings… But what does that mean?


It means we’re happy to prep and hold fire on pushing the button

The thing is we do understand that many of our customers have had to put everything on hold for the time being. However, we’re also aware that though many customers are understandably uncomfortable with the thought of ordering and paying for something like a new batch of leaflets right now, they know they need to be ready for when things start to roll again. So how can we help?

Prep now, pay later

Yes, you read that correctly. If you’re keen to get your special offer, or Day One Discounts, out there as soon as you can once things open up again, we can help you prepare to press that button. We’re here, at the end of the phone and on email throughout this whole lockdown period. We’re more than happy to provide guidance on preparing artwork, answer your questions, and help you get everything ready… and we won’t charge you a penny until you give us the go-ahead to push the button and print.


Would you like to hit the ground running as soon as you can? Perhaps have your leaflets ready to print as soon as you’re back operating? If the answer is YES! Then CALL US on 01604 626265, or email us on We’d normally welcome you into our workshop too… but obviously that’s not possible at the moment. However we’d be delighted to share a virtual coffee with you as we chat.

Keep smiling. Keep safe.