The Braunston Print Process: From File to Finished Product

Today we thought we’d share with you a little info on how our printing process actually works. We often get asked questions, and have learned that by letting people know what to expect, the whole thing runs more smoothly.

So… what on earth do we do with those initial files and bits of info you give us?

First Stage – Design

This is where we do the prettifying. We take your files and ensure they’re suitable for printing. We check the resolution of the images and any other illustrations, and ensure everything is lined up perfectly for our print process.

Second Stage – Proof


We cannot stress enough how important this stage is. We, of course, look everything over. However, it is critical that our customer does too. You need to check everything; ALL details. Please don’t assume that telephone numbers, web and email addresses, and spelling is correct. This is the moment to ensure that all errors are spotted and amended.

Plus, this is also your opportunity to check how colours are going to print. What looks great on screen doesn’t always come out the same on paper. So we are very happy to do print samples if it’s to be printed digitally. Unfortunately, it can be a lot harder and costly to do this if we’re going to be using other printing processes. However, we can produce colour strips/test areas of an image for large format or solvent (vinyl) printers. And for litho printing we can print a digital sample. This won’t be exactly the same as the litho version, but it will give a good indication of how things will look.

And finally, this proofing stage is also the ideal opportunity to pin down what stock you want to use. The thickness and finish of paper etc. can affect how things look once designs are printed. So again, for digital printing, we can very easily provide you with samples of your options to help you choose.

Third Stage – Pre-Press

This is the point where we import your artwork and prepare it for print. We work out how best to get the most out of the paper sheets we’re going to use. All artwork is prepped to be run on larger sheets or rolls in the most efficient way. This will minimise wastage, and also keeps costs down for you.

Fourth Stage – Print!

Ok, at this stage, we all bite our nails. We press the button and the designs go to print.

Fifth Stage – Finishing

Once the printing is complete, we’ll actually have everything on large format sheets. And this is the moment when we apply any finishes you’ve chosen. Good examples include:

Lamination – This is added before being trimmed. Business cards are a good example.
NCR Pads – These are collated and padded before having binding tape applied. Then they are trimmed.
Booklets – These are cut to size, the covers are creased before being collated, and the sheets are then saddle stitched before we do a final trim on the leading edge.
Roll Up Banners – These are trimmed to size and mounted into the units.
Wall Art/Signage – The vinyl is weeded (the extra bits are taken off). This leaves just the lettering/design, which is then backed.
Posters/Signage – This is mounted onto board and trimmed to size.

Sixth Stage – Completion

Our favourite bit. All orders are quality checked, and then packaged and shipped to you.

So there you go. Bet you never realised quite how much was involved! If you’d like to find out more about how Braunston Print can help you with your printing requirements, please just give us a ring.