The Braunston Team… Printing’s a piece of cake

Coffee and Cake

With only a few weeks left of 2020 (new swear word of the century!), and a lot of uncertainty yet to go, we’ve been reflecting on how we’ve made it this far… still in one piece. As we were chatting, we thought about the blog we wrote a few months back on the benefits of running a family business: our customers get 110% from us; we all enjoy developing new ideas and innovating existing ones; we communicate well, particularly once we’ve all had a cup of tea; and, as a team, between us we bring all the necessary skills and talents to the table… you won’t get any half-baked ideas with us!

So, having realised the importance of those benefits, and having also realised that it’s our teamwork that achieves it all, we thought it high time that we reminded you of who we all are…

Please… come and meet the Braunston Print Team

Janet Braunston – The Pastry Chef


Janet, our MD, is in truth the person who pulls the whole thing together; from admin, to finance, to sales and marketing. She’s also the person who’s out there (when Covid allows) attending networking groups, meetings, events, and visiting clients. She smiles a lot, by the way, particularly if you offer her a cuppa when she arrives, and she’ll be the first to put the kettle on if you visit.

If Janet were a cake she’d be a marble cake… and no, she hasn’t lost ‘em yet.

Chris Braunston – The Recipe Creator


Chris is the man with the whacky ideas. But he can also put his hands to all the practical aspects of printing, so he’s our whiz inventor, engineer, and pump man. He’s very friendly, but we tend to keep him on a leash a lot of the time because some of his ideas are so mad he needs controlling. However… he also likes to smile, so you’ll have him grinning like a Cheshire Cat if you give him a problem to solve. And don’t worry, we make him wash his hands before he makes the tea.

If Chris were a cake he’d be a fruit cake… of course.

Kath Braunston – The Icer & Decorator


Officially, Kath is our designer, but in truth that description doesn’t do her creativity justice. Yes, she knows everything that needs to be known about designing for print, and has prevented many a printing disaster once initial files have come in from a client. But she’s also a dab hand with a paint brush (works of art, not decorating) and has a stunning collection of Kath-designed merchandise that she offers separately. She does have her own mug for tea, though, because she has been known to dip her brush on the odd occasion.

If Kath were a cake she’d be a carrot cake… she’s a ginger in denial.

Jen Braunston – The Pastry Kitchen Manager


Jen keeps everything running smoothly. She meets, she greets, she smiles, and she keeps Chris in check as his production assistant, though she is also pretty blooming handy with a spanner too. But it’s Jen who makes sure orders are finished, are A1 quality, and go out on time. Without Jen, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Mind you… she makes a darn good cuppa too, which helps as well, we think.

If Jen were a cake she’d be a date & walnut loaf… great timekeeper and a bit nutty!

So there you go. Hope you enjoyed our brief introduction to the team because we’ll be writing individual pieces on each person over the next few months. And yes, we’ve got a fair few interesting snippets of information to share. So watch this space!

Braunston Print Team