Thinking Christmas cards (and other seasonal printing ideas!)

Christmas is only a few weeks away; it’s amazing how time flies eh?! Mind you, it’s been a funny year. Some things have gone back to how they were… and some things haven’t. However, if you’re keen to shape your new normal with some of your old routines, Christmas is certainly a great opportunity to give things a kick in the right direction.

Keeping in touch with your customers

The new normal needs familiar touches from the old ways, and Christmas cards are going to be a lovely method for connecting with contacts again. So much has become virtual as a result of Covid, that to have something solid to hold in your hand and display in your office is a reassuring reminder that all has not been turned upside down.

If you’d like to reach out to your networking list and clients in this meaningful way… now is the time to work on it. And we’ve got some other festive ideas to share with you too!

Christmas Cards

These are the biggie print-wise at Christmas. To make things easy, we have a selection of pre-designed cards to which we can add a personalised message, business logo, and individuals’ names etc. However, we can also print directly from your own artwork, and cut or shape a card specifically to your design. At the moment, a lead time of a week or two is all we need. But as we edge closer to the big day, that will get harder to achieve. So, contact us asap!

Triangular Desk Top Calendar


Think desk calendars and wall calendars, branded up so your business is in front of their noses for the whole year. You can still order now. We have time to get those done for you… but time is ticking fast.

Christmas Literature

That’s right… now really is the moment to be putting the final touches to your Christmas promotional plans. Start working out flyers with special offers, seasons greetings, and fun.

Gift Vouchers

These are a great way to enable your customers to give a gift with a difference. Get your clients working on your behalf to promote your name.


Indeed. If you sell food, it’s critical you get your Christmas menus ready this month. We can design festive looking menus to whet your customers’ appetites.

Posters for Events

If your business is hosting a Christmas gathering, or you have bigger events planned, let’s get the word out there. Great options include posters, fun flyers, and programmes.

Printed Mug

Corporate Gifts

It’s not easy to stay in touch with customers 24/7/365, but in this new norm there are going to be fewer physical gifts doing the rounds. If you have something to give out, you will help your business to stand out. We have a fabulous selection of mugs, pens, mouse mats, photo frames, and post-it notes for you to choose from.

How we work

Being digital printers, we can print 1 to 1000s of anything you need. However, our real strength is that we can make each one of those 1000 slightly different if that’s what you’re looking for. Examples include personalised cards with names, serial numbered vouchers, and any other tweaks you’d like to make across a print run. We can do it.

So, there you have it. The weeks are whizzing by and NOW is the time to get your Christmas stuff organised. Give us a call to get your print run scheduled so you can be dishing out some festive fun in time!

Christmas Planning