We’re coming clean… you have permission to mention the ‘C’ word

Ok, so in the last few months there’s been a new ‘C’ word doing the rounds. And we have to give it its dues, it’s done a good job of making itself known. BUT… loath as we are to mention it… there is another now appearing on the horizon. You know the one we mean; it takes place near the end of the year.

Yup, that’s right. We’ll say it once and then go and wash our mouths out with soap. Christmas. Whatever’s going on ‘out there’ later in the year, the 25th December will still come upon us (…please excuse the soap bubbles as we type the rest of this blog).

Christmas Planning

Planning your Christmas printing

Putting some thought now into your printing plans for the rest of the year will undoubtedly remove a bit of pressure later on. Things are changing fast, that’s for sure. However, being digital printers and not litho printers, as long as we haven’t pressed the button to print… you can make tweaks to your material if you need to. We don’t have to create plates before we print, so we don’t have a set up cost in the same way; which does give you a little wriggle room for sudden changes in your market.

So, with that said, what do we reckon you should be thinking about?

Xmas literature

We’re not necessarily talking about Christmas cards here, though they still can make a difference. No, we’re talking about things like seasonal leaflets, special offer flyers, even gift vouchers!

Printed Mug

Seasonal gifts

It’s become quite a challenge to stay in touch and in front of customers, so having something to give them (in a Covid-secure way, of course) that they can keep on their desks is a great idea. Think mugs, pens, mouse mats, photo frames, post-it notes… you get the drift. You’ll be making sure your brand and contact details are there to constantly remind them you exist.

‘C’ can be for calendars

Time is whizzing by, but desk and wall calendars can still be designed and printed in time. And, bearing in mind they tend to stay where they’re used for a whole year, they can work very well in your favour.

Lumpy mail

We love the picture that creates in your mind, ha ha! Lumpy mail. But let’s face it, it’s always intriguing when something chunkier than a letter falls onto the doormat these days. Your customers will pick it up, feel it, and open it. So put something in there and give them a moment of delight that they’ll link to your brand.

From 1 to 1000s… we can print it

And this last important point means you can print small runs very cost effectively as well as larger ones; a great boon at Christmas time.  So why not treat your top ten customers to a specially designed mug? Or send out branded pens with your Christmas price list to all your database contacts? By now, we’d like to think that you’ve forgiven us for mentioning the unforgiveable and we have also helped to get the grey matter working. So if you’d like to find out more about your options, please do give us a ring. We promise not to shove soap at you if you mention the ‘C’ word, and we’ll do our best not to blow any bubbles your way too!