We’re taking a wee Christmas break: Closed 24th Dec – Reopen 4th Jan

Yes, we’ve ummed and ahhhed about it, but we’ve decided we’re going to do it. Take a break that is. We’re going to close on the 24th of December and reopen on 4th January, bright eyed and bushy tailed.

The thing is, many of our clients are businesses that shut over the festive period, and our suppliers do too. So we kinda feel like the world is telling us something, particularly bearing in mind we never stopped during lockdown and none of us have had a holiday (which is alternative speak for if-any-of-us-are-going-to-be-able-to-smile-across-the-table-on-Christmas-day-as-we-pass-the-Brussel-sprouts-we-need-the-prospect-of-a-bit-of-R&R-to-look-forward-to).

So, with that said, we’ve made a plan to help us stick to it, which we thought we’d share with all you other budding business owners who are umming and ahhhing too…

We’re going to do the following and recommend you do as well:

  • Switch off the tech – Keep away from your phone, laptop, and email as much as you can. Now we’re not suggesting you go cold-turkey (that’s for Boxing Day!) because we’ll still be keeping an eye on things; it’s what small business owners do. But instead of taking a peek intermittently throughout each day, decide on a daily time that you’ll look at your messages, deal with anything urgent, and limit it to that. You’re probably planning a detox in January, so give your mind a clear out now.
  • Only do what absolutely has to be done – Just accept that certain things will be finished in the new year. We’re all very focused on deadlines, and at Braunston Print we won’t let one slide either. But if there is something that can wait until January, then when it comes to the 24th, we’re accepting it will be done in January. It gives us something to look forward to!
  • Let the tier restrictions work in your favour – It’s frustrating that this year isn’t going to be what it usually is, but you know what? That can be a blessing. The mad running around to catch up with loads of people between Christmas and new year simply can’t happen this year. It’s sad, but it’s not all bad. Make it a proper break and just potter. Go on… you know you want to really.
  • Prepare your to-do list before you ‘break up’ for Christmas – Do some of your planning and thinking now, so your brain can let go of some of its niggles whilst you’re off.
  • Plan and schedule your social media now – Promise yourself you’ll just respond to any engagement occasionally over the break. To be honest, if you’re B2B so many businesses close down anyway you’ll not be missing a trick. And if you set up on out of office response to your email that tells people the date you’re returning, they’ll know where they stand if they message you. They will get it; it won’t be a problem.

And thus, with all that said, we reckon there’s now only one thing left say…

We wish you all a very merry Christmas, hope you enjoy a lovely new year, and we’ll see you in 2021 ready to rock and roll!

Merry Christmas