When going green saved us from going round the bend…

Recycled paper in our industry presents printers like us with an interesting conundrum… or always has done up until now. You see, we know that recycling is good for the environment. We know our customers like things that are good for the environment. But we also know that they like good quality card and paper at cost-effective prices. And this is where we’ve most keenly felt the challenge. Or so we thought…

Let’s take business cards as an example

Towards the end of last year we decided that we needed to find a new standard stock for our business cards. We were struggling with supply issues and that wasn’t doing our customers any good… let alone our sanity.

Loyalty and Business Cards

So we had a chat with our key contact and she presented us with an array of options. The first didn’t have quite the feel or finish that we wanted, we thought, though our main concern was that it was likely to be more expensive than we’d like. So that was put to the side and next came a selection of suggestions which we put through their paces and tested.

Our challenge was to find the right weight, rigidity, and price. We tried gorgeous stock that was only 325gsm – where the standard is normally 350gsm – but interestingly it was too rigid to run through our machines. We also tried a 350gsm board that printed beautifully, but it simply wasn’t rigid enough and felt a bit flimsy and cheap; not the image any of our customers would like to present when they hand out a business card! And we began to despair, for nothing seemed to be ticking the right box. The “nicer” papers were way too expensive, and the ones that fitted into the right price range didn’t have the right quality feel to them.

Finally, we felt we had narrowed it down to one, though, which we tested, and it got the thumbs up. An order for a few thousand sheets went in… as you do. At this point, however, the saying ‘the greatest plans of mice and men…’ comes to mind. For when our order arrived, we put it to work for the first production line and lo and behold, it would no longer run through our machine! (Yes, a few disgruntled cups of tea were made and drank, we can tell you.)

Paper Samples

We were back to square one, and two months further on. Now our with patience-wearing-thin, though, we Zoomed our trusty contact to have a bit of a moan. To our surprise, she nodded sagely as we broke the news.

“You know the one that I suggested at the beginning?” she asked

“What, the one that we reckon is probably too expensive and we therefore convinced ourselves it didn’t feel right anyway?”

“Yes, that one…” she replied.

We looked at each other. “But that’s recycled paper,” we all chimed in unison.

“I think you should give it another look.” She smiled. “I’ll send you a sample. Go on, put it through your machine and see what you think.”

Totally exasperated by now, we duly did as we were told – Yes, we know, we surprised ourselves with our obedience too. And you know what? She was right. The printed results were spot on… and we mean REALLY spot on. It was perfect! And what was even better, was that we discovered our own preconceived opinions of recycled paper were out of date too… for the price was spot on as well.

So there you go.

Braunston Print standard business card stock is now premium recycled uncoated paper with the highest environmental credentials; perfect for professional printing, and ideal for eco-conscious brand identities and messaging.

FSC and Recycled

And not only do we reckon that’s something sing about, but now you know just how hard we work to get exactly the right thing for our customers, we reckon we can sing with a fresh cuppa too.

So cheers. Here’s to 2021 being a continuing education and adventure.