Covid Schmovid… We’re celebrating sixteen years in business!

Ok, we admit… things are toughening up again, but we’ve decided that we still have plenty of reasons to smile. There’s no doubt that we’ve missed our cups of tea with drop-in visitors, of course. And we are most certainly missing the extra cake. However, despite circumstances being what they are, two great things have made up for our loss.

Number One: Just recently, we celebrated our first full year in our new premises in Woodford Halse, near Daventry (yes, we confess cake was involved there, but it was in a socially distanced way between family). But there’s more, because…

Number Two: We’ve just had our 16th anniversary in business!

Yup, we’ve enjoyed sixteen years of Braunston smiles… so far

Team at work 1

The thing is, if you ask Janet, it’s been sixteen years of blood, sweat, and tears, but many of those have been tears of joy. Back in 2004 there is no way we’d have believed the business would grow to what it is today; fabulous dedicated premises, an enviable array of machines and equipment, and a portfolio of loyal customers whom we love working with, many still with us from the start.

Along the way, Kath has been bursting with creativity while Jen has been keeping us organised and efficient. Chris has maintained a shopping list of shiny new things he wants to play with. And Janet has pulled all that energy together with an official business plan… and the credit cards.

Team at work 2

Yes, it’s been quite a journey, and we’ll acknowledge we’ve made a few mistakes on the way. But you know what? Some of those ‘mistakes’ have turned into new products or more efficient ways of working, and they’ve definitely had us laughing at times.

So, as often happens with us, our celebrations have given us pause for thought, and we’ve asked ourselves…

What has got us through the downs and had us celebrating the ups?


And this is what we unanimously came up with:
One hundred percent teamwork
A huge dollop of dedication to customer service
A generous helping of stubbornness
A healthy dose of bloody-mindedness
A non-stop supply of caffeine
Portions and portions of CAKE!

So, as we said at the start, we suspect it’s going to feel like we’re all pushing water uphill again for a while. Thus with that said, all of us at Braunston Print would like to give you our outright guarantee that we’re here, rooting for you and your businesses. If you ever need a bit of a pick-me-up, give us a call. We’ll pop on the kettle, share a virtual cuppa with you, and maybe even pass on a few fun ideas too.

Keep looking forward, folks. Here’s to a proper 16th anniversary celebration with us some time in the future. And remember… we’re all in this together.


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