Staff Focus on Janet – Our Leader

We feel our blog series about the Braunston Print team has reached the point where it’s time for us to introduce our head honcho.

Today, please get the claxons out for Janet… (she’s earned it!)

Janet is a founding director of the business. It is her firm hand on the tiller that has taken Braunston Print from being an enthusiastic copy shop to a fully fledged digital printing business. And it is her vision and energy that has driven the business forward to ensure we aren’t just keeping up with the crowd but are leading from the front. Mind you, she also makes a darn good cup of tea as well.

The trials and tribulations of being a Janet… day-to-day

Janet is the face of Braunston Print. She’s the one out there networking, meeting people, chatting, and spreading the word. So it won’t surprise you to learn that she is the person who wears the mantle of sales and marketing.
However she does do a bit more than that. Chris is the mad inventor, Kath the designer, Jen the organiser, and Janet is the one who pulls all these talents and skills together to make Braunston Print what it is. She also makes a point of speaking to both customers and suppliers on a regular basis to ensure that communications are working and everyone is happy.

Janet isn’t just smiles and winning words, though. She is also the person who manages the financial side of the business too. She knows what’s going on, inside and out. And it’s her careful oversight that has helped to ensure we have built incredibly strong relationships with our suppliers; an invaluable thing for any small business.

Janet’s idea of a bit of R & R

Janet’s BIG passion (currently) is to finish building her own house. It’s been a project in the making for a couple of years and is nicely underway… filling a lot of her leisure time. Of course, the ability to print off plans etc. in a wide format has helped, but there have got to be perks to every job, eh?

When Janet’s not sorting something housey, though, she’ll be out walking or doing yoga… because she can. She’ll also put her hand to a bit of sewing; her curtain making is being put to good use. And when she needs a bit of alternative distraction, you’ll find her tickling her fingers with a little mandala painting.

Janet’s Top Three Bucket List Ambitions

  • To finish building her house. Obvs.
  • To move into her house! No further explanation required.
  • To visit Australia and Ireland, mainly to see family and enjoy new places… so she can then come home again to the place she absolutely loves best… her house.

Janet’s Top Tip

If you ask her this question directly at the workshop, the first thing she’ll always say is, “Don’t talk to Chris!” He’s easily distracted by customers with fun ideas. However, in reality her top tip is ‘if in doubt… ask’. We’re here to help, we love to support customers in achieving what they need to achieve printing-wise, and we really love to ensure that the results are bang on. Printing jargon is bandied around like confetti sometimes, but we promise to translate it into plain English.