Staff Focus on Jen – The Organised One

In the last two staff blogs we’ve published recently, we introduced you to the Braunston youngsters born into the family. With tremendous respect, therefore, we feel it’s time to introduce you to the staff member who actually chose to join the clan.

Today, please give a standing ovation to Jen… (she deserves it!)

Jen joined our quirky crew when she had the bright idea of marrying Chris. And in truth, she fits in perfectly. She’s professional, dedicated, fun, and as our production assistant is able to keep Chris organised… which is a feat in itself.
However, Jen is also our Office Manager, and if she doesn’t know what’s going on, nobody does. Thus, being a person who knows her own mind, we feel it’s worth us mentioning at this early juncture that she is also very definitely only ever called Jen; pick a nickname at your peril!

The trials and tribulations of being a Jen… day-to-day

Jen is Mrs Multi-Tasker, in truth. Once fuelled with a decent cuppa every morning, she’s hot on responding to calls and emails ensuring our customers enjoy the swift responsive service they deserve. She also organises the production schedule every day, keeping Chris on the straight and narrow and projects on track.

But what does that actually mean? It means she’s ‘proper in there’ getting her hands dirty on production and finishing; actively playing her part in getting things done before she processes the job… out the door. And that last bit involves arranging shipping, telling customers the great news that their order is on its way, and filling in all the necessary paperwork.

Seriously, the woman works magic, and if we were allowed to give her a nickname it would be something along the lines of Jen the Genie (because according to Wikipedia and Marvel Comics, genies “Work with specific humans… and have reality warping powers, and can manipulate matter and energy…”. Says it all, really).

Jen’s idea of a bit of R & R

You’d think that with such a busy day job, she’d be utterly exhausted. But no, she’s a mum to two very boisterous boys… and they had to get their energy from somewhere! But that’s not to say she isn’t into some peaceful pastimes such as painting. Yes, along with all her organisational capabilities, Jen has a creative flame that flickers too. Though she will confess to indulging in some gaming at times, and the partaking of the odd glass of red wine can make always itself into her diary as well.

Jen’s Top Three Bucket List Ambitions

  • Jen has the travel bug and would love to visit more countries… when we’re all allowed to, of course.
  • High on her list is also to walk along the Great Wall of China. We’re not sure if it’s along ALL of it, or just to climb up there and have a wander, but either way it would be another trip abroad to kill two birds with one stone.
  • To always be one step ahead of her boys on the computer games… though she humbly accepts that that will probably be a lost cause at some point in the future.

Jen’s Top Tip

Being the magic-worker that Jen is, she has a canny knack of helping customers spec and order exactly what they need. However, she hasn’t perfected the art of telepathy… yet. So she’d respectfully ask folk if they can supply as much information as they possibly can when requesting a quote. It just helps to speed the process up AND ensure the results are perfect.