When boring rectangles just don’t cut it…

We’ve realised recently that we’ve not written about one of the key features of our offering; laser cutting. It’s partly because customers understandably don’t know about laser cutting, per se, they just know that they want something printed on a material that’s not a rectangle. So we thought we should tell you a little more about just how brilliant laser cutting is… so you then get a feel for how we can help. You’ll be surprised what interesting marketing ideas start popping into your head!

Laser Cutter

First things first, what is special about laser cutting?

The magical thing about cutting with lasers is that you do not require contact with the material. This means that you can cut very delicate materials, such as paper, card and fabrics, as well as more solid materials like plastics and wood!  And you can engrave with lasers too. They’re pretty hand pieces of kit!

What sort of materials can we cut?

All sorts, basically. Anything from cork, to neoprene, to wood, to acrylic, to MDF,  to rubber, to cardboard and paper etc. We can also engrave on many more materials such as slate, anodised aluminium, painted surfaces and even brick!

What sort of cutting are we talking about?

Anything really, from kiss cutting, to perforations, drilling, slitting, scribing, and even sequential numbering.

Why do people choose laser cutting?

Put simply, lasers are great with detail. They can cut through tough materials very accurately to create intricate patterns. This means that they’re popular where precision, speed, and affordability matter… which is pretty much all the time now. However, the BIG added bonus is that, because a die isn’t required, there are no set up fees or minimum quantities; very useful for prototypes.

What can Braunston Print offer?

When you need a large number of intricately shaped items, e.g. boxes and packaging, cards, or marketing items, we can help. Our strength as digital printers means we can print items with different details and cut them pretty darn quickly too. For example, a 1000 business cards with different names, or 10,000 marketing gizmos with a unique promotional code on each one; pretty funky, eh?!

And we’re not limited to paper and card. Our laser cutter works with acrylic, wood, silicone…  you name it. So if you’re brimming with ideas but aren’t sure, ask us first before you rule anything out.

Three great examples to illustrate what we’re talking about

Maddy Sargent Laser Cut Cards
  1. Laser cut greetings cards: Our customer had a fabulous idea to create tri folded greetings cards that had a shaped edge which followed the line of her original artwork. Totally unique and lovely quality. Our quest was to work out a way to print, crease, and then cut the cards effectively for repeat print runs of approximately 50 at a time per design. You’ll see from the photo that they came out really well!
  2. Prototype presentation box: This customer wanted to create a set of exercise cards that could be presented/sold in a box similar to a playing cards box. Ultimately the main print run (1000 +) would be die cut. However, we produced a number of samples and test versions using the laser to cut out the box shape so it could be tested and refined. This meant the customer could get the perfect shape and size before a costly die cutting tool was created.
  3. Bespoke acrylic awards:  A motorcycle trials club wanted a number of bespoke trophies made out of acrylic, each one being a different size and with different text according to the award. As you can imagine, this required some interesting artwork, and the laser enabled us to cut the acrylic to the correct size and shape for each one. We then etched the wording and motorcycle image onto the acrylic. 

If you’ve got a fabulous marketing idea or other unusual printing requirement, and want to check if it’s doable… give us a ring. We’d love to find out more!